Snowflake Wishes Card Class


The Snowflake Wishes card class is part of the Christmas Stamp-A-Stack (SAS) series that will be released every 3 to 4 weeks.

If you love sending Christmas cards during December, then you will want to get all the Christmas card classes in this series, as each class with help you make your Christmas cards and get ready for the holidays without feeling stressed!

This is the Third class out of the Christmas Stamp – A – Stack! so if you miss the first two classes class , you can check them out below:

  1. Dove of Hope Card Class
  2. Poinsettia Place Card Class 

Watch the video below to see the cards included in this card class!


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The Snowflake Wishes Card Class is for you If you love sending Christmas cards during the holidays. I know you will love Making all the Christmas Card Classes in the 2020 series! As this Christmas card class series will help you get ready for the holiday without any of the stress. 

You can start making your Christmas cards every month with each new Christmas card class being released so that in December you are ready to send them! 

All the Christmas cards in this series are easy to make, to not overwhelm you and for you to relax and enjoy making your Christmas cards every month! I promise you will love getting ready for the holidays with each Card Class that is released!

Please note that you will need to have the Snowflake Wishes Bundle for you to be able to complete all the projects in this Christmas Card class. 

You can watch the video below to see the cards included in this third Christmas card class!! 

If you missed the previous Christmas Card Class from the 2020 Christmas Card series you can check them below:

Christmas Card Class         Poinsettia Place Card Class

So I hope to see inside of this third Christmas card Class! I know you will love making all the cards in the Snowflake Wishes Card Class. And even more important I am sure you will love mailing out these beautiful Christmas cards to your loved ones! 


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