Hello Friends!! Just wanted to share my set up for the first craft fair of 2017 season!!!, this was held on October 21 at the New Life Community Church in Frisco.

This is the first year that I attend one of these events by myself, and where I am selling items I make, in the past I have been at scrapbooking conventions, where really is more about showing what we offer, not so much about the items you make, so I was really nervous!! plus I always get intimidated talking with people I don’t know, however if I want to take this business to the next level I have to overcome my fears and trust all will be fine. 

Easier said than done! LOL.. anyhow that is the reason I signed up to 5 events already so I don’t back out, I need to stay firm and focus.. Plus I am a firm believer that practice always helps you get more confident on what we do.

The Turnout was extremely low at this event, HOWEVER I think this was the best for me, since it was a good “practice” and it let me see what I need to do in future events, organization wise, things to bring, and things I can improve.. And also there were about 10 real shoppers, and I got to practice my sales speech (wink) and I got to really have more one on one conversations where I could explain in more detail what I offered, I actually got good leads, and I gain some contacts that indicated interest in attending my classes, as well as hosting their own private class, so I think this was a successful event overall.. 

Now I need to prepare for the next one!! šŸ™‚

Below are some pictures of my table set up, the items that I had for sale, my class display as well as the door prize. 

CLICK HERE to see my YouTube Channel, where you can see a lot of the videos to learn how to make the majority of these items!!  all the videos have a link to get all the products needed to duplicate my craft fair items, you can also click on the image below to go to my online store!

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