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Have you been making Encouragement cards for your loved ones? With everything going on in the world I truly believe in the power of our cards and in the power they have when we mail them to our loved ones.. 

We never know what people are going thru, but just the thought of a card bringing joy or a smile in a heavy day is just priceless. 

You could be changing many people’s day just by letting them know you are thinking of them and that you loved them. So as I am writing this to you, I want to encourage you to make some cards just to let those special people know that you are thinking of them. 

And with this in mind, I want to share with you a few card ideas you can make. And even better, I am sharing with you a few tips for your card making. 

Also I want to make sure you know that today I am participating in a Blog hop with an amazing group of demonstrators around the world. Make sure you visit all participating blogs as you will get lots and lots of inspiration.  😉

So without further ado, let’s get started! 

Encouragement Cards for Your Loved Ones 

So for these encouragement cards I wanted to use the Dove of Hope Bundle as well as the Ridiculously Awesome Stamp set, which has my favorite sentiment in the whole catalog.. 

Yes, you are reading this well 😊 This sentiment has become my favorite sentiment ever since this stamp set got released with the annual catalog. Mainly because it goes so well for so many occasions that we are going thru.

For instance right now that the whole world is still shut down and not back to normal a lot of us can feel a bit down.. and this sentiment could let us get back Hope that everything will be fine.  

Or there are times you doubt yourself for anything or everything, and this sentiment could remind you that you can do anything if you let your Faith be bigger than your fears!

Like I said, I believe this sentiment has so much power that I knew I wanted to create a full set of cards just for this sentiment alone! And because to me this sentiment brings back Hope, I thought It would pair perfectly with the Dove of Hope bundle. Specifically the coordinated Detailed Dove Dies.. Don’t you think?

Encouragement Cards for Your Loved Ones 


The Color Combination

  For these cards, I wanted a color combination that would bring peace and comfort and not being too bright and cheerful. And when I though of the Dove of Hope I thought that having light shade colors would be perfect!  Don’t you agree?

So here you have it! 


The Sketches and Other Details 

On this section you will get the sketches and more details on how to make these beautiful Encouragement cards for your love ones!! And at the end I included the video tutorial as well. 

I am a visual person and know that sometimes it is easier to watch other how a card is made than reading instructions.. So hope this helps.

Handmade Card #1 

sketches to play       Encouragement Cards for Your Loved Ones 

As you can see on this card, I used a very simple sketch. However I feel like this type of sketches opens up to too many possibilities. Mainly because you can add anything you like! 

The white area just indicates a background and this is where you creativity gets in action. You could add:

  • Designer Series Paper a.k.a. patterned paper
  • A stamped background 
  • Watercolor background – like I did in this first card
  • An sponged background – like in my next card
  • Die cuts 
  • A Combination of any of these options! the list is endless 😉

So just let your creativity flow and see where it takes you. For me I knew I wanted to make a background and I decided to do a watercolor swoosh with the water painters.  You could see how I made this on the video tutorial below. 

One tip I would like to share with this card, is to add adhesive sheets on the whisper white from which you would cut the detailed wings. This will help you glue the wings super easy. You could also use the Fine Tip glue pen as well, but I think that the adhesive sheets would be way easier.

Also when you run the die for the detailed wings, do one with the adhesive sheet facing up, and one facing down. That way you can have the wings’s adhesive on the right side for this Dove. 

And finally for the sentiment, I colored the area I wanted to stamp with a marker, and stamp it, then I clean the stamp up and colored the next area I wanted to stamp. This trick will help you get even more looks on your sentiments. 

Also notice, that I did not stamp the word Faith, mainly because I wanted to highlight that word by die cutting it with the Playful Alphabet dies. I added a piece of Foam adhesive sheet to the pool party card stock and run it thru my die cut machine. This made the letters to have dimension and adhesive all at once!! Give it a try! you will love it!! 

Handmade Card #2

sketches to play       Encouragement Cards for Your Loved Ones 

For this second card, It is very similar to the previous card, however this time for the background I decided I wanted to stamp a cloudy sky.

This background used a template you can make with the Happy Dies! from the So much Happy Bundle! I have made several of these cloudy skies and I don’t get tired of it!! It looks really good.. And believe me it is super easy to make.. 

You can watch the video tutorial to see how you can make this background if you are interested. 

For the sentiment, I pretty much did what I explained on the first card, however, I just change placement 😁

Handmade Card #3

sketches to play       Encouragement Cards for Your Loved Ones 

And for this final card, this follows as well a very simple sketch as well!

A few tips to share is to punch the pool party layer close to the right end of the card stock, as I was a bit challenging to fit the dove on the rest of the area, so I would suggest to layer the dove on top to see the space you need and then punch the circle.

Once you have punched out the circle, layer it on top of the Whisper White and stamp the sentiment where the Whisper White shows, that way you have perfect placement of the sentiment. 

As I have been mentioning, make sure you watch the video Tutorial below as you will see exactly how I made thee cards. I know this will help to clear some questions.. but if after seeing the tutorial, you still have questions, let me know. I will be happy to help you 😁

Christmas Card Class

And finally, if you have loved the Dove of Hope, then you might want to check out this card class!!

On this class you will learn how to make Christmas cards using the Dove of Hope Bundle! and start prepping for the holidays!  Cause you know it will be here before we know it. 

This Card Class is the first class out of a Five Christmas Card class series that I launched in August in an effort to help you get ready for the holidays without any overwhelm.  

Every 3 to 4 weeks I will be releasing a Christmas Class so that we all are done by the first week in December and be ready to mail all our cards!!! So keep checking my Tutorial PDF Store often, to see the classes available as I release them.  The second Christmas Card Class is being released next week and it is using the Poinsettia Place suite!! 

The Video Tutorial

As promised here is the video tutorial where I show you exactly how to make all these Encouragement cards!  You will see that all of them are super easy to complete! so give it a try!!!  

Also at the end of this post you will find the full supply list. So if you want to get any of the items I used in  this tutorial, you can click to any of the images on the supply list to go my online store.  As always I appreciate your support!!🥰🥰🥰

Finally I really want to ask you to make encouragement cards for your loved ones!! I know they will smile when they get a beautiful handmade card in their mail box! and who knows you might have brighten someone’s day!

The Blog Hop Line Up

As I mentioned before, this post is part of a blog hop with other demonstrators around the world! Make sure you visit all the blogs participating as you will get lots of inspiration from the awesome projects they are sharing today!

Below you can see the full line up for everyone that is participating in this Blog Hop.

The Supply List

You can see below the full list of Items I used to make these cards, if you click on the images below it will take you to my online store where you can purchase any of these items. I truly appreciate your continuous support  🥰

click here to go to my online store

Want to remember this post for later? Save this Cute Handmade Birthday card Idea in your favorite board!

Encouragement Cards for Your Loved Ones       Encouragement Cards for Your Loved Ones 

Encouragement Cards for Your Loved Ones       Encouragement Cards for Your Loved Ones 


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