Do you ever wonder how to come up with card ideas easy? or do you ever feel stuck and don’t know what to make when you go in your craft room? If this is you, then continue reading as today I will be sharing with you a few tips to get your creative juices going.

 How to Come Up with Card Ideas Easy

If you have been following for a while you might have noticed that I try to make cards using the same supplies, and this is no mistake.. I always find that when working with a set of products this helps me focus and get more creative. 

So today I want to share with you my easy process to come up with card ideas every single time!

The Process

In this section I will give you step-by-step instructions on how do I come up with card ideas every single time, follow this process and you will see that card making gets easier and easier as you practice. 

  1. Select a set of products you want to work with. 
  2. Pick colors that go with the products you selected.
  3. Choose easy to follow sketches 
  4. Pair all the elements you chose by putting them together and see which ones you like better
  5. Make cards using the elements you liked best from the step 4 

How to come up with card ideas easy

The cards I show above I followed the process I outlined above, so let me share with you a few tips.

The Process in Action!

Here I will take you step by step on how I used the process above to make sure you see how this helps you when you are making cards. 

Choosing the products to use 

When I picked the products I wanted to use, I tried to stick to products that coordinate. This is even easier if you pick a suite from Stampin’ Up! And the reason is because then everything truly coordinates, the colors on the patterned paper will coordinate with the embellishments in the suite, with the card stock and the ink pads, and the images and die cuts will also coordinate beautifully with the patterned paper.  In this case I used the Forever Fern Suite from Stampin’ Up!

The Color Combination 

Because I use a suite, most likely there is a color combination that goes with it. So for instance in the Forever Fern Suite the color combination is this:

  • Shaded Spruce
  • Soft Sea foam
  • Pear Pizzas 
  • Just Jade
  • Garden Green 
  • Pretty Peacock 
  • Gold 
  • Whisper White  

If you ever wonder what color are included in a suite, you can refer to the back of the patterned paper a.k.a. designer series paper or DSP and it spells out which colors are included. 

You can pick all the colors on the paper, or just the ones that are included in the sheet you want to use. Additionally you can put sheets of card stock together and see which colors you want to use as your main color and which color you want to use for highlights. 

In the cards I made you can see that Soft Sea Foam and Shaded Spruce are the main colors while all other greens are just highlights to enhance the desigs. 

The Sketches 

Once I have picked the colors and selected which ones are going to be the main colors and the highlights then I go ahead and look for sketches. Please note that it is easier to start with simpler sketches than the ones that have too many layers. Trust me! even when you feel the sketch is way too simple, you will see that your card turns out amazing! 

If you notice my sketches and my cards, you can see that the basic elements are there. I try to build from the basic elements up. So in this case, none of the sketches have leaves, and that is ok! as I can use these sketches over and over for other suites, and with other techniques.. 😉

Sketch and Card #1 

Sketches to play      How to come up with card ideas easy

For this card you can see I have the circle, the bow and three sections on the card front. I used the gold as and accent color (or highlight) as well as the garden green, pretty peacock and pear pizzas. 

You can see that while I changed from a basic circle to another fun die cut that has the shape of a circle but it adds a bit of personality. Also while this sketch does not call for leaves you can see that I added them to the left and the circle where the bow is and they look really nice. 

This is why I strongly recommend going with simpler sketches as you can always incorporate the elements from your products you want to use. 

If the sketch is too specific sometimes it bias your mind and do not want to add anything else that is not what the sketch calls for. 😉

I also want you to realize that any of the layers you see in a sketch can be changed to stamped background, patterned paper, or embossed background, so this opens a lot of possibilities as well. In this card the main part of the card base was stamped and embossed to add texture to the card. 

Sketch and Card #2

sketches to play     How to come up with card ideas easy 

this second card you can see that the banner is actually made with patterned paper, and the background was as well stamped and embossed. So you can see how you can be changing the elements that you see on the sketch. Same as in the previous sketch the leaves were not called for, however I added them where the circle is. 

You could also stamp the circle rather than adding the leaves, however I would not stamp then the background. So always play with elements and see how you can change things to get different looks. I think you will enjoy doing this! In fact I think this is a great challenge to come with as many looks from one single sketch! 

Sketch and Card #3 

Sketches to play      How to come up with card ideas easy

On this last card you can see how you can change the pieces with embossed paper and designer series paper following the sketch. I honestly like doing that all the time, as I mentioned before, this always helps you to come up with multiple ideas.   

And similarly as with the other cards you can see that though the sketch did not call for the leaves I added them to the circle area and it looks good. 

I really hope that this process has helped you see how to come up with card ideas in an easy way. I promise you the more you practice this and put in action these steps the easier it will get to make cards every single time.  

The Video Tutorial

Below you will see the Video Tutorial where I show you step by step how to make these cards, that way if you want to see exactly how I made them you can do so in this video. 

I also go over the measurements for each of the cards as I am making the cards.  Enjoy!

The Supply List

You can see below the full list of Items I used to make these cards, if you click on the images below it will take you to my online store where you can purchase any of these items. I truly appreciate your continuous support  🥰

click here to go to my online store


Want to remember this post for later? Save these friendship card ideas in your favorite board!

How to come up with card ideas easy      How to come up with card ideas easy

How to come up with card ideas easy      How to come up with card ideas easy

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