On this post I will be sharing with you a few tips on how to make three Easy-to-Make Thank You cards using the Tropical Chic stamp set! 

What I love about these cards is that all of these do not use patterned paper, but instead use the stamps to create the pattern on the background of the cards. I love doing this as it makes it easy to have a “patterned paper” in any color that you might need. ūüėČ So let’s get started with these easy Thank you cards!

Three Easy-to-Make Thank You Cards 

For these cards I decided to use one stamp set, in this case the Tropical Chic. When you are thinking of doing a patterned background with stamped images it is good to consider the following:

  1. Does the stamp set have bold images?
  2. Does the stamp images in the set come in different sizes?
  3. Is there an image on the set that you can use as a filler?

I find that if the stamp set you pick meets these characteristics most likely it will be easy to use for a patterned background.

In this case you can see that the Tropical Chic stamp set has bold images with the leaves; it has larger and smaller leaves and a small flower; and finally the dots/seeds images can be used as a filler on the background.  

three easy-to-make Thank you cards

Once you have selected a stamp set to use, then it’s time to look for inspiration for a color combination. I usually go to Pinterest to get ideas. Another platform that I am recently using is Instagram.¬† I’ve noticed that I can find a lot of cards for inspiration.¬†

However, please be careful and limit your time ‚Źį as you can get into an Instagram/Pinterest rabbit hole and spent a lot of time without deciding what you will use as inspiration. I find it very helpful to set my clock for 10-15 min and look as quickly as I can and then decide what I will use from whatever I saw in that time frame, otherwise I will spent the whole day and would not have time for crafting.¬†

The Color Combination 

The color combination on these cards is the following: 

  • Shaded Spruce
  • Granny Apply Green¬†
  • Grapefruit Grove
  • Whisper White¬†

Sketches and other details 

Below you will see the sketches for these cards as well as other details. Using sketches when making cards makes your process easy as you can adapt it to any stamp set or paper you have. 

As a tip –¬† using simple sketches is always best, specially if you are starting, as it is easy to change the pieces with the products you have chose to use.¬†

Thank you Card #1

sketches to play      three easy-to-make Thank you cards

In this first card you can see that the full background was stamped simulating patterned paper. The key thing is the way you stamp the images; so follow the next steps and you will see it gets easy and your pattern will look nice every single time!

  1. Larger or bolder images go first 
  2. Stamp the images randomly and changing directions
  3. Stamp smaller images in the areas in between the larger images.  *TIP РUsing a lighter color for this image is best, so that if it overlaps with the larger images it does not clash.
  4. Use the filler image in the areas where you still have empty/white space * TIP – Use a dark color for this image as it adds contrast

Thank you Card #2

sketches to play      three easy-to-make Thank you cards

This card has as well the background stamped however, it is a smaller area of the card front.  So play with the space you want to stamp, and see the different backgrounds you can get; Also you can play with the direction of your card. For instance in this case the card base is vertical, but you can make the card horizontally. 

By the way make sure you watch the video tutorial on this post, as I show you how to stamp multiple die cuts using the stamp positioner “Stamparatus” to save time when you have several stamped images that need to be die cut, like in this case the little flower.¬†

Thank you Card #3

sketches to play      three easy-to-make Thank you cards

For this final card the background was simpler, as I stamped tone on tone with only one leave image. So this type of background is definitely easiest as you only need to fill your cardstock with one stamp set. The one tip here is to stamp the images randomly and also not full images, if you see the edges of the cardstock you will see what I mean. 

Also did you see the green stamped leaves on this card? I have a cool technique to get the two-tone leaves with sponges that you can watch in the video tutorial below.

The Video Tutorial

Here is the tutorial where you can see how to make these cards step-by-step.  I show you how the backgrounds are stamped, how to use the Stamparatus when you have several die cuts to stamp as well as how to make two-tone stamped images.  I am sure you will enjoy this video. 

The Supply List

And as usual you can see below the full list of Items I used to make these cards, if you click on the images it will take you to my onlline store where you can purchase any of these items. I truly appreciate your continuous support¬† ūü•į

click here to go to my online store

Want to remember this post for later? Save these easy-to-make Thank you handmade card ideas in your favorite board!

three easy-to-make Thank you cards      three easy-to-make Thank you cards

three easy-to-make Thank you cards      three easy-to-make Thank you cards

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