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Ever wondered how you can start making cards using one sketch?  I know first hand that when we use sketches I can get so many card ideas. In fact I know that using sketches always helps me go into my creative zone in a faster..  

But before we continue, today I am participating in a blog post where my fellow Stampin’ Up! demonstrators will be sharing card ideas to help you get inspired. So make sure you visit all the participating blogs, cause I know you will get lots of ideas to motivate you to craft today!

So let’s get started!

Making Card Using One Sketch! 

So last week, I shared one sketch and we created lots of cards using one suite. 11 cards to be exact! 

If you are interested you can check if out here.  

So I wanted to share with you a few other examples of what you can do when you are working with sketches. Mainly because I know how much sketches can help you when you are making cards.. 

The Sketch

sketches to play

So lets first talk about the sketch. 

As you can see on the image in the left, the sketch is very simple, it has a matted rectangle and a circle (or label), and a banner. Very simple sketch as you can see, which I would recommend if you are first starting with sketches. 

Simple sketches are way easier to use, cause you can exchange their elements even easier, not to mention these are easier to substitute with the supplies at hand. 

So if in the past you have struggle with using sketches, try using the simpler ones.. you will see how your cards look really nice even if it seems it has less layers. 

After all you can be modifying the sketches by adding embellishments as you them fit in your card.  Plus it will be easier to change the sketch when it comes to position of the elements.. The layers they have the easier it will be to move parts around.

Once you have found the sketch you want to play with, then just select the crafting supplies you want to use. 

In my case I wanted to use the Paper Blooms designer series paper, and pair it with the In Blooms Bundle! 

Color Combination 

And from the designer series paper you want to use, then just pick a color combination you want to use. 

This is by far my best tip, when coming up with color combinations.. your cards will look amazing every single time as they will coordinate really well, as you can see in my cards below. 

                        Learn how you can make cards using the same sketch      Learn how you can make cards using the same sketch   

Modifying the Sketch 

Now the next step is just playing with the sketch and see what would you use for each of the elements.. 

As you can see on my first card, I use the designer series paper a.k.a. DSP for the background and cardstock for the label (circle shape).  For the second card,  I used the designer series paper for the focal point (the circle or label) and the cardstock for the background.

This easy change in the cards made them look totally different, yet still like part of a set.. So you can see how this is super easy.. 

One thing you should note, is that when I use the DSP for the focal point, I try to look for an image that would look well. So in this case I made sure the circle would have the printed flower bouquet right in the middle. That way the card is pleasant to the eye. 

Another thing you will see is that I used a bow for both of the cards, I call this “embellishing the labels” on the sketches.. you can add them as you please, in my case I try to use gems and ribbon to embellish the sketches.. and it always works!

One more card for inspiration…

Learn how you can make cards using the same sketch

The next card I am showing here uses the same sketch! Though in this case you can see how I modified the background layers.

In this card I shifted the layers in opposite directions, where you can see a tad more of the basic black from the background. 

I have been doing this for background lately, and I truly enjoy how the two pieces look. It just give it a new different look, don’t you think?

I can tell you that playing with sketches is always fun when you are making cards! 


Final Thoughts.. 

I know that when you use sketches we can come up with so many card ideas, that I highly recommend them to any card maker who have struggled with making their own cards..

Using sketches makes the whole crafting time even more enjoyable, because we have something to start making a card, like a map road in a way. 

So I hope you give it a try at sketches, and if you do, please let me know what you thought of this.. did it help you making cards?  did you found making cards more enjoyable..  leave me a comment below and let me know.. 

Wanna learn more about coming up with card ideas in an easy way?

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The Blog Hop Line Up!

As  I mentioned at the beginning, this post is part of a blog hop! so make sure you visit all participating blogs, I know you will get lots of inspiration for your next crafting project! 

Below you will see the full line up if participating blogs!! 

The Supply List

You can see below the full list of Items I used to make these cards, if you click on the images below it will take you to my online store where you can purchase any of these items. I truly appreciate your continuous support  🥰

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Want to remember this post for later? Save these Birthday handmade card Ideas in your favorite board!

Learn how you can make cards using the same sketch Learn how you can make cards using the same sketch Learn how you can make cards using the same sketch


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